What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For It's quick and reliable, with strong residuals

Against It's a real disappointment to drive - and very cramped in the back

Verdict It's a bland, cumbersome car with limited rear space

Go for… Later models in metallic colours or black

Avoid… Anything without a solid service history

Lexus SC430 Open
  • 1. Space is limited, particularly in the back. The rear seats are virtually upright and all but useless
  • 2. Make sure that any electrical problems are ironed out before you buy
  • 3. Watch out for slow roof mechanisms: it should fold back within 25 seconds
  • 4. The dashboard controls are easy to use, but the car feels designed more for the American market
  • 5. The automatic transmission feels lazy and reluctant, but the engine is smooth
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