What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For Excellent performance and handling

Against Horribly impractical; no creature comforts

Verdict An awesome car to drive, but the roof is murder

Go for… An early 120bhp model

Avoid… Newer versions, as prices are still high

Lotus Elise Open
  • 1. Head gaskets can blow, so look for warning signs like oil in the coolant and check under the oil filler cap for water or a white residue
  • 2. Insist on a long test drive - the suspension can wear very quickly and you need to know if it has
  • 3. Radiator hoses have a habit of leaking, so check them thoroughly and keep an eye on the temperature gauge
  • 4. The clip-on roof can leak, so check it thoroughly
  • 5. Forget any thoughts of practicality - there's almost no room for luggage at all
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