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What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It’s fast, with a smooth engine and an excellent ride

Against Its residual values are poor, and wind noise is excessive. Running costs are high, too

Verdict A top-quality coupe that drives superbly

Go for… Models with the paddleshift

Avoid… Later models without the ‘boomerang’ rear lights

Maserati Spyder Open
  • 1. The Spyder handles extremely well for a soft-top
  • 2. The gearchanges on paddle-shift models can be clunky if you haven't mastered the technique
  • 3. Tall drivers beware: the size of the cabin means they might not be comfortable
  • 4. Some of the controls on the centre console are a little similar, which can be confusing
  • 5. The cabin is beautifully trimmed, sumptuous and well laid out
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