What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For It has a sparkling drive; and it's versatile, well priced and cheaper than VW Golf

Against The ride is firm-ish in town, and there's some motorway wind roar. The diesel engine is weak

Verdict It's more characterful than past small Mazdas, but this saloon isn't as practical as its hatchback brother

Go for… 1.6 TS

Avoid… 2.0 Sport

Mazda 3 Saloon
  • 1. A small number of early diesel models suffered turbo failure
  • 2. The interior is bland but pleasant, with big, clear dials and buttons
  • 3. The boot is a fair size and a good shape, but this saloon lacks the practicality of the hatch
  • 4. The cabin is roomy, although shoulder space is tight for three adults in the back
  • 5. The 1.6 petrol gives the best compromise between performance and running costs
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