What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For The Tribute offers a reasonable blend of practicality and equipment

Against There's no diesel, it's not great off-road and refinement could be better

Verdict It's better on-road than off, but it's not particularly impressive anywhere

Go for… 2.0 GSi 4WD

Avoid… 3.0 V6 auto 4WD

Mazda Tribute 4x4
  • 1. There's plenty of space in the cabin, and the Tribute makes a decent family car
  • 2. Fuel economy's not great: a 4WD Tribute does 29mpg, but the RAV4 does 3mpg more
  • 3. Despite the car’s off-road image, it’s more at home on the road, although it’s not that great there
  • 4. With 60/40 split/folding rear seats, the Tribute's already good boot can be made bigger still
  • 5. The cabin is bland and unappealing, but there are no complaints about how it's laid out
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