What Car? says

5 out of 5 stars

For That fabulous folding metal roof

Against Boot space shrinks when the roof is folded

Verdict Solid Merc build quality in a sleek roadster

Go for… 200K Auto

Avoid… SLK32 AMG

Mercedes-Benz SLK Open
  • 1. Insist on a leather interior and only buy a traditional Mercedes colour (not bright yellow), as it will make the car easier to sell
  • 2. Check the service history is complete, as neglecting the 9000-mile intervals can wreak havoc with superchargers that need clean oil to work efficiently
  • 3. Go for an automatic transmission because the SLK's manual gearboxes were nowhere near as slick
  • 4. This is no sports car, so the 161bhp supercharged 2.0-litre is plenty powerful enough
  • 5. Check the tyres aren't worn, as replacing them is expensive
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