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What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For Big, practical, cheap and fun to drive

Against Styling might be too lairy for some tastes

Verdict A capable load-lugger and so much more

Go for… 1.8T

Avoid… 4.6-litre V8

MG Rover ZT Tourer
  • 1. If you go for the 1.8, keep the coolant levels topped up at all times because it’s prone to overheating and blowing its head gasket
  • 2. Suspension problems can be hard to fix, so steer clear of cars with signs of uneven tyre wear
  • 3. The big boot means the ZT-T's practical, but the garish styling might put some people off
  • 4. The manufacturer’s warranty is worthless, so you might want to budget for an aftermarket package
  • 5. There's plenty of passenger space and lots of kit as standard
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