What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For It's a pretty and affordable introduction to mid-engined sports cars

Against The driving position and steering are not what you'd expect in such a sporty car

Verdict MG TF is easy to live with and surprisngly practical for a two-seater

Go for… 1.8 VVC 160

Avoid… 1.8 120 Stepspeed

MG Rover TF Open
  • 1. Even the slightest crease or tear in the hood will let water into the cabin. Make sure the hood folds up and down smoothly and latches into place easily
  • 2. The 1.8-litre engine can suffer from a blown head gasket; a slimy white gunk around the oil filler cap is a sign of problems
  • 3. Check the gearlever shifts cleanly as its joints can wear, making for a sloppy and inaccurate change
  • 4. Don’t panic about repairs, as there are more than enough spares to keep the TF on the road for many years
  • 5. The best TF is the 1.8 VVC 160 while the 1.6-litre TF is the most affordable. Avoid the 120bhp Stepspeed at all costs
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