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What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The Carisma is economical, well built and remarkably reliable

Against It’s poor to drive and virtually devoid of flair

Verdict Carisma is a misnomer. It should have been called the 'Dependable'

Go for… 1.8 GDI Equippe

Avoid… Base spec, 1.6 and old non-D-ID diesels

Mitsubishi Carisma Saloon
  • 1. If the previous owners didn't use super-unleaded fuel, there’s a risk of engine failure around 60,000 miles in 1.8 GDi models
  • 2. There was a recall to amend the retaining cap ring of the in-tank fuel pump, which could shatter - ensure the necessary work was done
  • 3. Getting comfy in the driver’s seat is tricky because of the limited range of height adjustment
  • 4. The dash is well laid-out, but it's very dull and bland
  • 5. There's room for two adults in the rear, but it's a crush for three
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