What Car? says

5 out of 5 stars

For The drive is sensational and styling timeless

Against Running costs are very high

Verdict The Boxster will excite on every trip

Go for… Later manuals

Avoid… Tiptronics

Porsche Boxster Open
  • 1. It's all you want: stunning to drive, comfortable, reliable, and it holds its value well
  • 2. Practical for a sports car, the boot takes a surprising amount of luggage
  • 3. Original 2.5-litre 204bhp engine was enlarged to 2.7 litres and 217bhp. 3.2-litre S (our favourite) has 252bhp
  • 4. Comfortable cabin is well shielded from wind buffeting with the roof down
  • 5. Considering the performance on offer, the running costs are reasonable
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