What Car? says

5 out of 5 stars

For Amazing performance, grip and agility

Against More expensive than most cars to run, but not bad for a Porsche

Verdict Almost as good as the iconic 911, but for a lot less cash

Go for… 2.9-litre

Avoid… 3.4-litre (291bhp)

Porsche Cayman Coupe
  • 1. Many purists think a 911 is the only Porsche worth considering, but they'd be badly mistaken
  • 2. The 2.7-litre and 2.9-litre models are perfectly suited to most drivers. They offer plenty of pace, but also help to keep running costs under control
  • 3. It’s a Porsche, so don’t expect to run a Cayman on pocket money, but that doesn’t make it overly expensive for a car of this class
  • 4. Despite the cost, it’s best to stick with a franchised dealer when servicing newer cars; this will help protect future resale values
  • 5. Some owners experience brake problems, with discs becoming warped if they're not used hard enough
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