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What Car? says

1 out of 5 stars

For Very cheap, and all come with decent engines with a 100,000-mile guarantee

Against It has no image, handles poorly and the cabin feels flimsy and cramped

Verdict It's adequate for budget A to B transport, but has too many faults to be seriously considered

Go for… 2.0 diesel

Avoid… Old high-milers

Proton Wira Saloon
  • 1. There were reports of the automatic gearbox failing on some Wiras, and Proton issued a recall on 1.5-litre manual models
  • 2. Walk away from scruffy examples with tired interiors
  • 3. Fiddle with every switch and knob to check they work before you commit to paying anything
  • 4. There’s only room in the back for two passengers, and even then it’s cramped
  • 5. A lot of drivers will find it difficult to get comfortable; there’s not enough adjustment on the steering wheel or driver's seat
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