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What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For Masses of room; decent engines; cushioning ride

Against Practicality overtakes any style; Spartan interior

Verdict The Kangoo provides versatile and practical van-based transport for five people and their dogs

Go for… Cars that haven't been treated roughly

Avoid… Odd Trekka version

Renault Kangoo MPV
  • 1. The driving position is reasonably comfortable, even though there’s no seat or steering wheel adjustment
  • 2. Check all the electrics work, and that this workhorse hasn’t been worked too hard
  • 3. Check the clutch pedal operates smoothly and make sure all the gears engage easily
  • 4. Rear sliding doors and a high-lifting tailgate mean access is easy from all sides
  • 5. Timing belts on diesel models can slip and damage the engine, so insist on a full service history
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