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4 out of 5 stars

For The Laguna is enjoyable to drive, has plenty of grip and a comfortable cabin. It's also well equipped and solidly put together.

Against Its firm ride can be uncomfortable for some, and the GT version makes it worse. Restricted rear headroom is also an issue.

Verdict Distinctive styling gives the Laguna a chic feel. It may not have the best badge on the front, but it's still great value.

Go for… 2.0 dCi 130 Dynamique

Avoid… 2.0T 170 Initial auto

Renault Laguna Hatchback
  • 1. Knee- and legroom is good throughout the cabin, but the sloping roofline will cause problems for taller rear-seat passengers. The boot is too shallow, which limits practicality.
  • 2. Diesel Lagunas are the safest place for your money, because they have better long-term resale values than petrols.
  • 3. Don't be put off buying a high-mileage car if you're worried about warranty cover: a three-year 100,000-mile policy was standard from new.
  • 4. Even though the cabin feels solid there have been instances of bits of trim breaking or working loose. The areas around the doors appear particularly vulnerable, so check them carefully.
  • 5. The quality of cabin materials, and the contemporary design of the dashboard give the Renault an upmarket feel.
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