What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It's a comfortable, stylish cruiser

Against It's not terribly exciting to drive and the boot is small

Verdict Looks great, but it's no sports car. And, it's impractical, too

Go for… 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique

Avoid… 1.6 VVT 111 Extreme

Renault Megane CC
  • 1. Make sure you check all controls and switches are working - especially the hi-tech roof
  • 2. The Megane is a four-seater, but if the people in the front are six-footers, there’s not much room in the back
  • 3. Base Extreme models miss out on air-con, so we'd go for a Dynamique instead
  • 4. There are reports of excessive tyre wear on cars with 17-inch wheels
  • 5. With the roof down, the boot is only just big enough for a few small bags
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