What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For It's a practical and cheap compact MPV with a comfortable ride and willing diesel engines

Against It's not the sharpest car to drive and the smaller engines are too weedy

Verdict The best version yet of the original compact MPV

Go for… 1.9 diesel Expression

Avoid… 1.4/1.6 petrols

Renault Scenic MPV
  • 1. The bulky pillars and small rear screen are frustrating when reversing
  • 2. Check for electrical glitches, like windows with a mind of their own and indicators that cancel themselves
  • 3. The best engine for this car is the 1.9 dCi turbodiesel
  • 4. Maintenance costs are just above average, and servicing a VW Touran will be cheaper
  • 5. Squealing brakes can be common, and often fixed by using a different type of brake pad
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