What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For Good range of reliable, well performing petrol engines and decent gearboxes

Against Slipped well behind the class leaders long before production ceased in 2005

Verdict Apart from some engineering strengths, this car doesn’t stack up against its rivals

Go for… 1.4-litre petrol hatchback

Avoid… 2.0-litre diesel

Rover 45 Saloon
  • 1. Reliability is okay, but blown head gaskets on four-cylinder petrol engines are not uncommon
  • 2. The front suspension can be prone to faults, and needs checking thoroughly before you buy
  • 3. There's not enough space for tall passengers in the back
  • 4. Don't pay over the odds for a used 45, because they're not the cheapest cars to insure in this class
  • 5. The cabin has a decidedly old-fashioned feel, and the driving position is poor
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