What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For Flagship car has legendary rally-bred performance, yet other models all handle well, too

Against Interior looks and feels cheap, whereas the car's running costs are anything but

Verdict The range-topper steals the limelight, but the rest are grippy, fun and practical

Go for… Any top spec Turbo/WRX models

Avoid… Track day specials

Subaru Impreza Saloon
  • 1. The cabin looks a bit plasticky and cheap
  • 2. The boot has a wide opening, but the intruding suspension limits the width of the space inside
  • 3. Driveshafts can need replacing
  • 4. Clutches need special attention and can require replacing at moderate mileages
  • 5. Suspension and brake parts need frequent replacing, especially if the car has been driven hard
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