What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For It's cheap as a bag of chips, reliable, well equipped and easy to drive

Against Your first go-kart had a better ride and its levels of refinement won't worry Mercedes. Not as practical as the hatchback version.

Verdict It's not bad, but it's outclassed by the class best. It should prove reliable enough, though

Go for… 1.6 GLX manual

Avoid… 1.6 GL auto

Suzuki Liana Saloon
  • 1. Get the suspension checked before you buy - it's a regular cause of complaint
  • 2. Watch out for slack or noisy gearchanges or a slipping clutch
  • 3. The cabin is reasonable, but every bump in the road is felt inside
  • 4. The high boot floor and intruding suspension turrets reduce carrying capacity
  • 5. There's plenty of room for passengers in the rear
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