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WhatCar? Awards 2012

Family cars

Ford Mondeo 1.6 TDCi 115 Eco Zetec S/S

Green Awards 2012: Family cars winner

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List Price: £21,195
Target Price: £19,489

Key facts

True MPG 51.2mpg
True CO2 150g/km
Particulates 1.9mg/km
Govt MPG 65.7mpg
Govt CO2 114g/km
NOx 148mg/km

The Ford Mondeo ticks every box for what is expected of a great, green family car.

The current model is five years old, but overlooking it in favour of newer cars would be foolish. In fact, it’s still the best all-round family car out there, which is why it’s the winner of this category for the second year running.

Despite tough competition from some key rivals, very few alternatives offer the Mondeo’s combination of practicality, driver involvement and performance. With pressure mounting on manufacturers to reduce CO2, there are newer family cars that equal or better its carbon footprint. However, emissions of just 114g/km place the Mondeo in one of the lowest tax bands of any diesel-powered car in its class. As a result, company car drivers pay tax on just 16% of its value, while private buyers will have to stump up only £30 a year in road tax.

The Government figures claim it’ll average 65.7mpg, and our True MPG results recorded a still-impressive 51.2mpg overall.

Its 1.6-litre diesel engine is flexible, with plenty of low-end power and strong acceleration through the gears. Refinement is extremely impressive and noise levels in the cabin are well muffled.

Choosing a green car doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice any of the enjoyment, either; despite its age, the Mondeo is by far the best-handling car in its class, with plenty of steering feedback and perfectly weighted controls.

Our pick of the range is Zetec trim, which offers the best blend of affordability and equipment; climate control, cruise control and Bluetooth phone connectivity are all standard.

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