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WhatCar? Awards 2012

Family cars

Hyundai 140 Tourer 1.7 CRDi 115 Blue Drive Active

Green Awards 2012: Family cars runner-up

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List Price: £19,645
Target Price: £18,248

Key facts

True MPG n/a
True CO2 n/a
Particulates 0.6mg/km
Govt MPG 65.7mpg
Govt CO2 113g/km
NOx 129mg/km

Hyundai’s i40 Tourer has been a hit since it arrived in dealerships at the end of 2011, and we can see why.

The combination of striking looks, a huge loadbay, decent economy and Hyundai’s five-year warranty has brought in both private customers and company car choosers alike.

The i40’s diesel options are two flavours of the same 1.7-litre turbocharged engine, producing 134bhp and 114bhp - and it’s the more modest of the pair that really appeals to us. It might not sound like it has quite enough grunt for a car weighing more than a tonne and a half, but, in fact, the revised engine electronics mean that the motor’s maximum torque is delivered lower in the rev range.

This extra flexibility means you don’t need to work it so hard to get the most from it, and allows it to cope with even the sort of heavy loads that such a large estate is likely to encounter.

The i40 can’t match the Ford Mondeo for handling or ride quality, and its steering is annoyingly vague, but at least the engine is refined. The (standard) stop-start system operates particularly smoothly, too.

Inside, there’s a smart fascia with clearly laid out instruments and soft-touch materials in all of the crucial areas. The standard equipment list is pretty generous, too; you get air-con, alloy wheels, Bluetooth, electric windows all round and LED daytime running lights, and all on a car than can come in at under £18,500 if you haggle hard enough.

Our sole regret is that we haven’t had a chance to put the car through our True MPG test yet; however, the official CO2 figure of just 113g/km is impressive enough on its own to earn the i40 a recommendation.

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