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Green Awards 2012

Fun cars

The best green fun car of 2012 has to prove that enjoying your car needn’t mean damaging the planet.
Rapid advances in technology mean that sporty cars are no longer gas-guzzling beasts. Lightweight construction and sophisticated engines – not to mention the acceptance of diesel as a suitable fuel – have drastically reduced the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of such cars over the last few years.
Our winner will be the car that most successfully blends fun with a green conscience.

Fun cars: Winner

Audi Q5

Mini Cooper

List Price: £16,180
Target Price: £15,452
CO2 99g/km
NOx 174mg/km
Particulate emissions 0.1mg/km
Average economy 74.3mpg

Fun cars: Runner-up

Land Rover Discovery

Volkswagen Scirocco

List Price: £22,225
Target Price: £20,478
CO2 118g/km
NOx 134g/km
Particulate emissions 0.4mg/km
Average economy 62.8mpg

Fun cars: Runner-up

Hyundai Santa Fe

Porsche 911

List Price: £73,836
Target Price: £73,836
CO2 194g/km
NOx 18mg/km
Particulate emissions n/a
Average economy 34.4mpg