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Smart is showing off the latest step in its electric concept vehicle programme here at the Geneva show.

The two-seat forspeed is driven by a 30kW electric motor, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be charged via a standard domestic plug socket.

On a full charge, the car has a range of 84 miles, and a quick charge (to 80% of the battery's power) takes 45 minutes. The wind deflector at the front which takes the place of a conventional windscreen incorporates solar panels, which help to power the on-board electrics.

The forspeed also has no roof or side windows. Instead, the leather-clad interior is protected by a tonneau cover, which can be adjusted to cover just the passenger seat when only a driver is on board.

If the car is caught in a downpour, Smart says water drainage channels in the floor and seats take the water outside, and all the interior equipment has a waterproof coating.

As yet, the company says, the car is merely a design study and there are no plans to put it into production.

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