What is Target Price?

Target Price is the most you should pay for your new car. Call 08455 081 409* for the best price on your next car.

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Target Price is your way of ensuring that you don't spend a penny more than you need to on your next new car. Our team of secret shoppers haggles every day to get the best deals available on cars across the UK. What Car? then print these prices alongside every review as the most you should aim to spend.

You can use the Target Price to make sure your local salesman delivers the best value possible. You could save thousands of pounds if you haggle hard – and Target Price makes the process easier.

Things to remember Target Price is the most you should spend In lots of cases you should be able to get an even better deal. One popular tactic is to agree the Target Price for the car and then persuade the salesman to throw in a few small extras, such as floormats.

_Target Price is based on a cash deal
_It doesn't include elements like finance incentives or trade-in considerations. If the salesman tries to include these factors in the overall deal, we'd recommend you to agree a straight price first (using Target Price as a guide). Once you've done that, then you can get into discussions about how you're going to pay for it, including finance and trading in your old car.

_Target Prices change on a weekly basis
_Sales staff's margins depend on a number of factors, including the bonuses and incentives that are being offered by manufacturers to their network (many of these are leaked to our team of secret shoppers). So it's worth double-checking that day's Target Price on the car you're interested in before you head off to the showroom; we'd even recommend printing out a screengrab so you can stick to your guns during negotiations.

_If your salesman won't do the deal, we'll find one who will
_Call our Target Price team on 08455 081 409* and they'll put you in touch with a dealer who's willing to play ball.

In the meantime, visit our Reviews section to get our full verdicts on new cars and their Target Prices.

*Calls cost 5p a minute plus your standard access charge