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This month we’ve helped a couple whose Mercedes GLC suffered with juddering from the tyres at low speeds, and answered questions posed by three other readers

'Disgraceful' juddering of Mercedes-Benz GLC's tyres

I recently bought a Mercedes-Benz GLC and am hugely disappointed with both the car and the service provided by Mercedes-Benz UK.

The car suffers from juddering, or β€˜crabbing’, when it’s being driven at low speed with steering lock applied. My wife and I are embarrassed to take friends and family out in our new Β£44,000 car because at low speed it drives like a tractor; passengers have said they think it has a puncture or even that a wheel is falling off.

Driving our car is truly depressing, yet Mercedes-Benz UK simply tells us this is an expected characteristic that only impacts on the β€œcomfort” of the car and that fitting winter tyres might lessen the problem. It’s a disgraceful driving experience; we paid a premium for a luxury model and we expected it to drive smoothly.

Please help us identify and fix whatever is wrong with our awful, noisy, juddering car.

Tony and Lilian

We contacted Mercedes-Benz and received the following official statement: β€œWe understand how some customers would find the tyre skipping sensation on the GLC uncomfortable. We can assure customers that our technical specialists and independent experts such as DEKRA [Europe’s leading car inspection company] concur the cars remain completely safe to drive.

β€œThese same experts have tested all-season tyres, which have proven to improve the driving comfort. We are currently securing stock of these tyres and offering these free of charge to GLC customers who find this sensation uncomfortable. β€œWe’d ask affected customers to contact their Mercedes-Benz retailer, who will make the necessary arrangements on their behalf.”

While the offer of replacement tyres is good news for some GLC owners, it doesn’t represent a permanent solution for all affected vehicles. All-season tyres are being sourced only for GLCs with 17in, 18in, 19in and 20in tyres. They aren’t currently available for vehicles with 21in tyres, so owners of models such as the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 are being offered the choice of 20in wheels and tyres or waiting for 21in all-season tyres to become available. However, owners who chose this sportier GLC might not be happy to swap to smaller wheels and tyres.

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