Used Abarth 500 09-present

Used Abarth 500 2009-present review

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What used Abarth 595 hatchback will I get for my budget?

The Abarth 500 starts at around £5000 for a high-mileage example with a full service history. If you up the budget to £6500-£7000, you will find plenty of newer, lower mileage examples, including some Esseese versions.

You'll need to £8500 to find a 595 from 2012. A 2016 595 Competitzione with less than 20,000 miles will set you back £14,000, or, if you’re interested in the special edition 695, then be prepared to pay £22,500 or more for one of these stripped out, high-performance examples.

Used Abarth 500 09-present

How much does it cost to run a Abarth 595 hatchback?

Being a small car and having a relatively small engine means that fuel economy should be reasonable compared with the 500’s bigger rivals. Even the most powerful 187bhp 695 Biposto should do 45.9mpg and costs £150 to tax. Most models have a combined average of 47.1mpg and will set you back £135 per year to tax, though, those figures will plummet if you drive the 500 as it was intended to be driven.

All cars registered after April 2017 will cost £140 per year to tax.

Servicing costs should be relatively inexpensive thanks to long 18,000-mile service intervals. Insurance is a bit more expensive than it is for rivals, so make sure you get a quote before you commit to buying one.


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