Can I get a refund for my new car? 

A reader asks if it's possible to get a refund for a car she bought before the coronavirus lock-down, but that she can't now collect...

Handing over car keys

I purchased a new Skoda Citigo just before the lock-down started. It has been paid for in full with cash, but I am not able to take delivery of it because the dealership is closed at present.

Do I just have to wait until the car can be delivered to me, or am I able to cancel the purchase and get my money back? 

Carolyn May

Skoda Citigo e iV 2020 RHD wide front left tracking

What Car? says…

Legally you don't have the right to cancel the order, but in these unprecedented times, we'd recommend that you email the retailer and discuss it with them.

Although their showroom is closed, they are likely to have a small number of staff working from home who should be able to respond to inquiries. If you need the car for essential travel, they may even be able to arrange for the car to be delivered to you in a way so there is no contact with you.  

However, if you can't get the car and you're no longer in a position to buy it due to the current situation, they should have some suggestions to help resolve the situation.