Comparison websites: are you getting a fair deal?

Finding the best car insurance-related products isn’t always as simple as it should be, so read this investigation before you next buy a policy...

Online car buying research

1. Get quotes from all four big automotive comparison sites. Some companies offer different deals on each site, and not all insurers appear on all of them. The four main sites to try are:,, and

2. Aviva, Direct Line and a few other providers don’t appear on any comparison sites, so check their websites separately.

3. Details are sometimes filled in automatically, so make sure all the quotes you obtain have the correct cover preferences selected. For example, is the excess that’s been set an amount you’re comfortable with, and are premiums payable in a lump sum or monthly?

4.Don’t assume that the best deals for you are at the top of the results page. Check each comparison site carefully to see what connection it has with specific providers, because their results are likely to be more prominent than others. Also, check whether any information or deals are being filtered out.

5. Opt out of marketing emails and phone calls so you don’t get unwanted contact.

6. Check the small print, especially for policies that are far cheaper than you would expect. It could be because they don’t offer the same level of cover as ones costing more.

7. If a product doesn’t have a policy document or terms and conditions available for you to read through, don’t buy it.

8. Keep an eye out for unwanted extras. Some quote sites add on items automatically and you might have to untick boxes to remove them.

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