I need to hand back my car during the coronavirus outbreak. What's the best way to do this?

If you car is on a personal contract purchase plan and you’re due to hand it back, how can you do this during the coronavirus pandemic?...

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If the personal contract purchase (PCP) deal or lease on your car is about to end, the best thing to do is contact the finance company to see what can be done. You might be able to extend the contract term by a few months until the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) have been lifted. This should give you enough to hand the car back and deal with getting a replacement. 

Alternatively, if you want to end the agreement on time, it might be possible for the car to be collected from your home if the dealership is still open - find out more here. Before handing the car back, you’ll need to ensure all the frequently touched surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant, and that the keys are left in a secure but accessible place.

A growing number of car servicing departments have introduced collection and delivery for cars that need to be serviced. It's highly possible they can arrange this for those at the end of a PCP deal too, so it's asking about this to save you breaking your isolation and risking spreading the virus. 

If it’s part of the agreement that the car has remedial work done or is valeted prior to being handed back, you may be able to arrange this via the supplying dealer or by a mobile mechanic/valet company at a convenient time at your home. Again, the car keys can be left out so that close contact with other people is avoided. 

When the car is ready to go back, you’ll need to agree with the dealership or finance company on the best way to sort out the relevant paperwork, and any necessary payments, but all this should be possible online or on the phone. 

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