Will car maker honour my car's warranty if it expires during lockdown?

A reader can't get a fault on his car examined before its warranty expires because the dealership is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Will the car maker honour the warranty or leave him to...

Skoda Octavia

I bought a 17-plate Skoda Octavia from Rainworth Skoda in January. On the day I took it home I heard a creak from the suspension as I pulled onto my drive. 

I took the car back but it did not creak during the drive with an engineer. Some weeks later I made an audio recording of the creak and emailed it, but they claimed they couldn't hear it.

The creak is much more persistent now, and I have managed to obtain a much clearer recording of it, but the garage is closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Although the car came with a 12-month approved used warranty, the original manufacturer’s warranty expires in May. I am concerned that when I am able to get the car checked over by the dealer,tr Skoda will say the car isn't covered because the warranty will have expired.  

I know some garages are doing repairs for key workers (which I am), but I don’t think this would be seen as an urgent repair, so I'm sure I’d have to wait to get the car looked at.

Any advice would be appreciated. 

David Wright

What Car? Says…

We’ve spoken to a number of car makers about warranty claims and all have said they will honour claims where the work couldn’t be completed before the warranty has expired due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Skoda states that because of the current situation with many dealerships being closed, that it will cover valid warranty claims for up to 90 days after the expiry date of its manufacturer warranty. This should give you enough time to have the car examined by the dealership once the current restrictions have been eased. 

As you are a key worker, if the fault worsens or you are concerned about it being a safety issue, we’d recommend that you contact Skoda's customer service team on 0114 450 3302 to find a service department near you that is servicing cars for key workers.

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