Used Alfa Romeo 145 1994 - 2001 review

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1994 - 2001 review
Alfa Romeo 145 (94 - 01)
  • Alfa Romeo 145 (94 - 01)
  • Alfa Romeo 145 (94 - 01)
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Our recommendations

Which used Alfa Romeo 145 hatchback should I buy?

Go for post-1999 models: these more recent versions have improved engines and chassis which made the 145 a much better car.

The smart choice is the 1.8 TS. It provides plenty of excitement, and you can be confident of a sale when you come to pass it on. This model also benefits from quicker steering than the basic models, and that makes for a more rewarding drive.

If outright performance is your thing, there's always the 2.0-litre Cloverleaf hot hatch, which was the flagship of the range, but there's no real point in spending the extra on it. Some used Alfa Romeo specialists have low-milers with healthy histories, but you will pay a premium for one, and there is no guarantee you'll get a trouble-free car.

At the bottom of the range, the 1.6-litre is no more than acceptable. But, if you are set on this engine, the later Junior is a reasonable buy.

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