Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 RHD dashboard

Alfa Romeo Giulia review


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The Giulia’s driver’s seat is set low and allows you to adopt a hunkered-down position in front of well-positioned pedals and a broadly adjustable steering wheel with a pleasingly slim rim. The only annoyance is that the steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles are particularly large and sit quite far back behind the wheel. That means the indicator and windscreen wiper stalks are set even further back, so you have to reach quite a long way with your fingers to access them. At least the metal paddles feel sturdy and high-quality.

There’s quite a marked difference in material richness between entry-level Giulias and higher-end examples fitted with the Lusso Pack, which adds a leather-wrapped dashboard pads and wood veneers that the car really needs in order to bear comparison with the likes of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class.

Whatever the trim level, though, the Giulia still features some quite cheap-feeling switches – on its dashboard particularly – that don’t really belong in any car sold at a premium price. Some of the plastic around the infotainment controls between the front seats also feels quite low-rent, although the metal gearshift paddles (optional on some trims and standard on others) feel suitably upmarket.

The infotainment system is controlled by a dial and relayed through an 8.8in colour display that appears as if from nowhere behind a smoked screen. Only the average-quality graphics and a slightly dim display let the side down, but the fact you get Apple Carplay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring as standard is some recompense.

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Seeing out of the front of the Giulia could be easier: its thick windscreen pillars and high-set door mirrors really block your view at junctions and roundabouts. However, reversing is made easier by rear parking sensors being standard on even the entry-level trim, while front parking sensors are fitted to Veloce and Veloce Ti models (and are optional on the cheaper trims), with a reversing camera available as an option on all trim levels.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 RHD dashboard
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