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TDI Quattro 5dr

  • Overall verdict 4/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 4/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 41 mpg

Bought late 2012, options of sports seats, auto high beam, auto hill hold, heated seats. Performance is good, never feels under-powered. Winter traction on snow tyres is very good. Averaging 41 MPG with mixed town/country driving. Fault free after 12 months. Compared to other A4 models the ride is much better, still too much tyre roar but good balance of handling and absorption. Heated sports seats worth the extra for adjustability and winter months, auto hill hold is useful as mine is a manual, auto full beam works well and almost always dips in good time. Negatives: no lights in the glovebox or visors, standard headlights are too dim. Overall a fine replacement for our previous A6 Alload.

David Kershaw-Wright, Derbys, November 7th 2013

TDI Quattro 170 5dr

  • Overall verdict 3/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 3/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Average MPG 35 mpg

First impressions are of a fine car with some REALLY annoying little quirks and very poor fuel economy for a CR170 diesel. It's the little things that annoy most - like the fact that there is no mechanism to control both driver and passenger temperature controls together. Every other VAG car I've driven has this, so why not this one? The speedo indications are ludicrous for UK use. This is a 140MPH car, maybe a bit more in the 3.0TDI version, but this one does 140MPH tops. So why does the speedo read to 180MPH? The 0MPH mark is at the 6 O'clock position, and 12 O'clock is 120MPH with 180MPH at the 3 O'clock position so pretty much the whole of the UK's legal speed range is squished in between 6 O'clock and 9 O'clock. But the area between 3 O'clock and 6 O'clock is blank, so they could easily have spaced it out a bit better. And there is a lump where the clutch-rest and the clutch meet up when the clutch is depressed, so if you don't have your foot halfway across the clutch pedal, you never quite get the clutch pedal fully depressed. And you'll be depressing the clutch a lot, so the stop/start doesn't kill the engine all the time. And then there is the fuel consumption - 35MPG is not what I was expecting however I think I need to ignore the car's desperate attempts to get me change gear obscenely early. It seriously suggests changing from 4th to 6th at 45MPH. That's about 1200RPM. If I drive it a steady 2500RPM I can just about average 50MPG. 3/5 Then.

Walter Anderson, Norfolk, March 10th 2011

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