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Audi Q5 review

Manufacturer price from:£40,525
What Car? Target Price:£36,986
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Come to us with deep pockets and a penchant for huge SUVs and we’ll point you in the direction of the brilliant Audi Q7. But the reality is that not everyone wants a five-metre-long behemoth that’s cumbersome to park and costs a small fortune to buy. So what if you could enjoy all of the Q7’s strengths in a cheaper and more compact package?

Well, that’s exactly what many will be hoping for from the Audi Q5. It’s much cheaper to buy than its bigger brother, costs suitably less to run and yet is still a very practical family car, despite its smaller footprint and lower driving position.

Read on over the next few pages and we’ll give you the full lowdown on how the Q5 compares with its key rivals in the large SUV class, such as the BMW X3, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Mercedes GLC. We’ll also tell you which engines and trims make the most sense.

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There are 2 engines available for the Q5 4x4. Click to see details.See all versions
40 TDI Quattro
While not super-quick in terms of outright pace, this 187bhp diesel is flexible enough...
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Fuel Diesel
0-62 MPH7.9 secs
What Car? Target Price from
Average Saving £3,539
View Engine
45 TFSI Quattro
For a relatively small engine in a biggish car, this 2.0-litre petrol is pretty pokey...
View engine
Fuel Petrol
0-62 MPH6.4 secs
What Car? Target Price from
Average Saving £3,608
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