Audi SQ8 2019 LHD interior

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There’s an extensive range of adjustment to the standard electrically operated steering wheel and driver's seat — the latter includes four-way adjustable lumbar support and an extendable seat cushion. The only issue is that once you're sat on the supportive and heavily bolstered S-specific leather seat, it’s a bit too easy to mistake this range-topping SQ8 for any regular Q8.

You can’t fault the build quality, though; Audi seems to have honed the skill of making expensive-feeling buttons and choosing the highest-grade materials, which on the top-spec Vorsprung model include generous amounts of carbon-fibre and swathes of Alcantara-suede on the doors. It's a cut above the Cayenne and only the X5 is in its realm.

Digital dials take the place of conventional analogue instruments and also display a multitude of additional data, including sat-nav maps and music playlists. Next to that sits the twin-screen infotainment system. The screens themselves are crystal clear, but what’s less ideal is having to look down to operate the touchscreen's numerous icons — including even simple things like the climate controls — when a good, old-fashioned buttons or knobs would be less distracting. It's for that reason we much prefer the X5's iDrive system, which gives you the option of a touchscreen along with a rotary controller and buttons that are much less diverting to use while driving. 

All-round visibility is good in the SQ8 and its sloping roofline doesn’t create blind zones as big as you might think. To further help you out when reversing into a tight spot the SQ8 has parking sensors as standard and, optionally, a 360-degree parking camera. LED headlights are included to take the stress out of driving at night.

Audi SQ8 2019 LHD interior
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