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Used Audi R8 2007-2015 review

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Which used Audi R8 coupe should I buy?

The R8 is nothing short of brilliant to drive. It handles beautifully and its driving experience is truly special. The four-wheel drive system provides the R8 with bags of grip and the driving position is spot on. The R8 is usable around town, too, and rewarding to drive even at sensible speeds.

In its life, there have been two basic engine configurations, a V8 and a V10, with both in various states of tune depending on age, and we would happily recommend either. Later V8s are more economical than earlier ones, so it might be better to try and seek out one of those, especially with the upgraded automatic gearbox, which makes the whole drive even smoother and actually faster.

The V10 makes a wonderful noise, especially so in the Spyder version, where there isn’t a roof to impede on the glorious sounds issuing from the car’s exhausts. It’s a wonderfully fast car, with huge reserves of power, but, of course, you’ll pay for the privilege. In fact, the latest R8 makes do with just the V10 engine, but in most circumstances if you’re buying an older car you’ll probably find the V8 to be the better all-rounder.

Our favourite Audi R8: V8


Used Audi R8 2007-2016
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