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Audi TT Roadster 2019 RHD dashboard
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The interior layout, fit and finish

Driving position and dashboard

You sit quite low down in the TT Roadster but still not as close to the ground as in the 718 Boxster. Compared with that car, getting in and out doesn’t take as much gymnastic agility, and drivers of most shapes and sizes will be able to get comfortable, thanks to there being lots of adjustment in the supportive seat and steering wheel. Adjustable lumbar support is standard on all but entry-level Sport models. S line models and above, meanwhile, get what Audi calls Super Sport seats; these have side bolsters that are adjustable to better fit your body shape. 

As there’s only a handful of clearly labelled buttons set neatly into the neatly minimalist dashboard, you’ll have no problem working out the TT’s controls. There’s no central screen; instead, everything from maps media information is displayed on the digital instrument display in front of the driver.

Visibility, parking sensors and cameras

The TT Roadster’s fabric roof has an opaque section that extends all the way from the rear screen to the side windows, so rearward vision with the roof up requires a fair bit of neck craning. Fortunately, the relatively big door mirrors help when reversing into a tight spot. The high waistline restricts your sideways view a bit, too, but forward visibility is pretty good by roadster standards. 

Xenon headlights are standard, while S line models and above get brighter, whiter LED headlights. Top-spec Vorsprung models have adaptive Matrix LED headlights that can shape their light output in such a way that using main beam doesn’t dazzle oncoming drivers.

To make manoeuvering easier, rear parking sensors are standard on all TTs, while front parking sensors and a rear-view camera are on the options list. There’s also an optional Park Assist system that will automatically steer your TT into a suitable space while you operate the accelerator and brake.

Audi TT Roadster 2019 RHD dashboard

Sat nav and infotainment

All versions feature a 12.3in colour display behind the steering wheel where infotainment information shares space with the instrument dials. Adopting this unusual layout – shared with the flagship Audi R8 supercar – means a TT driver doesn’t have to divert his or her eyes far from the road. It does, however, make it tricky for a passenger to help out with selecting a radio station or scrolling through media.

Every TT has a DAB radio and USB port, but sat-nav is available only as part of the fairly pricey Technology Package. We'd advise adding it, though – if only to make your TT easier to sell on in the future. TTS and TT RS models get the Technology Pack as standard. 

The system is controlled via a large rotary dial between the seats, and there are handy shortcut buttons to take you directly between specific functions. You can also input letters and numbers by using your finger to draw them on the top of the rotary dial; once you’ve mastered the technique required, this proves the quickest way to enter a sat-nav destination.


The TT Roadster’s interior really is special, with solid-feeling, high-quality materials used throughout; every one of the switches and buttons operates with a satisfying click, and panel gaps are so minimal that they’re practically non-existent. The whole interior is a notch above the Z4’s for quality and plusher than the 718 Boxster’s.

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