Used BMW 3 Series Touring 2005 - 2012 review

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Section: Ownership cost

2005 - 2012 review
BMW 3 Series Touring (05 - 14)
  • BMW 3 Series Touring (05 - 14)
  • BMW 3 Series Touring (05 - 14)
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Ownership cost

What used BMW 3 Series estate will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a BMW 3 Series estate?

Fuel-saving Efficient Dynamics technology was introduced to the 3 Series range in 2007 and has been steadily improved since, making later cars noticeably more efficient.

The 320d improved from an average of 47.9mpg and 158g/km of CO2 to 58.9mpg and 128g/km, while the 318d improved from 48.7mpg and 155g/km of CO2 to 62.8mpg and 120g/km.

The petrol models lag some way behind. Originally, the 318i managed an average of 37.2mpg and emitted 182g/km of CO2, while the current version improved to 44.8mpg and 147g/km. It's a similar story with the more-powerful version. The original 320i managed 37.2mpg and produced 182g/km, while the current car jumps to 44.1mpg and 149g/km.

The least-powerful models are in insurance group 21, rising to group 38 for the range-topping diesel models.

Typically, franchised BMW dealers have some of the UK's highest labour rates, so look to independent specialists when servicing cars more than three years old.