Used BMW 3 Series Convertible 2007 - 2014 review

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Section: Ownership cost

BMW 3 Series Convertible (05 - 14)
  • BMW 3 Series Convertible (05 - 14)
  • BMW 3 Series Convertible (05 - 14)

Ownership cost

What used BMW 3 Series sports will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a BMW 3 Series sports?

The 320i model manages an official average of 42.2mpg, while the 325i does 35.8mpg, the 330i 34.9mpg and the 335i 28.5mpg. The diesels come in at an average of 53.3mpg for the 320d, 46.3mpg for the 325d and 40.9mpg for the 330d. However, owners have struggled to achieve these official figures with real-world driving.

Insurance costs are higher than rivals, with cars ranging from group 30 through to 42. Servicing costs are as you'd expect for this type of car – a bit pricey – but resale values should be strong as long as you avoid the high-powered models and don't waste money on overpriced cars loaded with options.