BMW 6 Series Coupe

BMW 6 Series Coupe review

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It’s unlikely you’ll find much to complain about when you step inside the 6 Series. Even base SE cars get leather upholstery as standard that covers the seats, dashboard and large chunks of the doors. Add in attractive trim pieces and controls that work precisely, and you’ve got an interior that befits the car’s purchase price.

Regardless of your size, you should be able to get comfortable in the standard electrically adjustable seats. That said, we were disappointed to see that lumbar support is an optional extra on most models in the range. It’s also worth knowing that the pedals are offset to the right, although this doesn’t prove uncomfortable.

Front visibility is good although you are aware there is a very long bonnet in front of you. Rear visibility isn’t as bad as some coupes but you’ll be glad there are front and rear parking sensors as standard.

Once settled, you’ll find all of the major controls fall easily to hand, including the rotary dial for the iDrive infotainment system. This controls a high definition 10.2in screen with a DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and sat nav. If you want Apple CarPlay, that’s an optional extra unfortunately. At least the menus are logically laid out while the dial control is far easier to use on the move than a touchscreen.


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