Used BMW M135i 2012 - 2016 review


(2012 - 2016)
Used BMW M135i 12-15
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What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW M135i hatchback?

The Ford Focus RS has superb handling, strong performance and is amazingly good fun to drive. Countered against that, its ride is firm, its driving position is a little compromised and its steering has a rather limited lock, but such is the fun factor you’ll soon overlook all of those ailments.

The Honda Civic Type R handles brilliantly, goes like a rocket and looks like nothing else. It’s also surprisingly easy to live with, and if its infotainment system is as dreadful as the standard Civic’s that can once again be overlooked when you consider how much fun the rest of it is.

Used BMW M135i 12-15
Used BMW M135i 12-15
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The BMW M135i is a storming performance hatch, brilliantly balanced and a great used buy

  • Storming performance
  • Engaging handling
  • Smooth engine and gearbox
  • Slightly unsettled ride
  • Unassuming style
  • Unremarkable interior