BMW X2 xDrive 20i M Sport X 5dr Step Auto Review

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BMW X2 SUV 2018 left front cornering

Classy interior and tidy handling add to the X2’s appeal, but a firm ride and compromised practicality detract from the overall package it offers. Slightly restricted space and practicality leaves it as more of a pumped-up hatchback rather than a practical family SUV. Ultimately the Volvo XC40 is still the king of the class while if you want a BMW, the more practical X1 is a better bet.

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Trim: M Sport X

M Sport X only really adds silver exterior trim to make the car look more like an off-roader, along with the the M Sport styling additions and leather seats.

Engine: xDrive 20i

The 2.0-litre petrol engine almost as powerful as the 20d diesel – and has exactly the same 0-62mph time of 7.7 seconds. This means that while you don’t get the low-rev torque of a diesel, it still pulls well in all gears, with plenty happening above 2000rpm.

Key information

0-62 MPH7.4 seconds
Fuel TypePetrol
MPGOfficial overall fuel economy figure


Boot CapacityHow much space is there?



EmissionsOfficial emissions rating