ive30d [245] 5dr Step Auto

  • Overall verdict4/5
  • What it's like to drive5/5
  • Running costs5/5
  • Quality4/5
  • Average MPG34.5 mpg

I recently crash tested my 4 week old X6 on Autoroute20 in France. I can vouch for the safety equipment, after sliding on a recently dropped carpet of hail and hitting a tree at about 40 mph we both have only restraint injuries which given that the X6 was written off is pretty good going. The BMW ecall system automatically calls for assistance, sending your location - it is brilliant, ambulance et all were there in 10 minutes and we did not really have a clue where we were. As for the car, having had two petrol X5s I thought, like many people, "whats an X6 for??". I had a chance to change cars and was persuaded by my wife to get in the X6 and try it. Don't believe some of the stuff you read, there is a load of room inside (I am 6'2") and is a far better ride than the X5. The acid test was that I bought another X6 with the insurance payout and am just about to try to drive to Spain again. My only comment is that the tailgate does not give much head clearance, especially compared to the X5 split gate setup.

Bernard Barwick, herts, May 27th 2014

ive30d [245] 5dr Step Auto

  • Overall verdict4/5
  • What it's like to drive4/5
  • Running costs3/5
  • Quality4/5
  • Average MPG28 mpg

A toss up between the Mercedes ML and the BMW X6 was finally swayed by the recent addition of the third seat in the rear, my son is six foot three and finds it comfortable in the rear seats without having to shrink, the midle seat is not the same but is still a bonus. The extras available media pack is a must, responsive, new eight speed auto box makes the gear change seemless and smooth. Round corners its like driving on rails, it sticks to the road. A spacious cabin, good alround viewing, comfortable. A pleasure to drive up to now, hopefully it behaves favourably in the snow. MPG not brill around local trips. Insurance not expensive once tracker had been fitted

Robin Mayor, Lancashire, September 23rd 2011

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