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BMW X6 Reliability

BMW X6 Estate xDrive30d M Sport 5dr Step Auto Change edition

How reliable is this car?

This used BMW X6 Estate (xDrive30d M Sport 5dr Step Auto) reliability data tells you when many of the car's parts commonly need replacement, either through problems and faults or just general wear and tear or regular servicing. All of the major parts are covered - everything from brake pads and tyres to gearboxes and engines.

If you're buying a used BMW X6 you should check the mileage, then use the graphs below to make sure that either the work in question has been completed, or to factor forthcoming replacements into your budget.

This used BMW X6 reliability data comes from CAP Derwent, a scheme which pools all of the vehicle information from some of the UK’s biggest vehicle leasing firms. They aggregate millions of repair jobs across their fleets, allowing them to predict when parts will need to be replaced.

We use the same information to tell you when you’re likely to have to change a wide range of components on the used BMW X6. We use the same 'tipping point' as the fleet providers - so if 75% of cars have had the work done or part changed by a certain mileage, we count that as the point where you’re likely to have to do the same yourself. And if this doesn’t arrive before 100,000 miles, we’ll tell you.

There will always be some variation, based upon the types of driver and roads each car has been subjected to - but with thousands of cars in the system, our predictions are a great guide to what you should look out for when you’re buying a used car.

0 miles 50k miles 100,000 miles
When will this part typically need replacing?
Brake Fluid

Work not common below 100k miles

Brakes Discs

Work not common below 100k miles

Brakes Pads

Work not common below 100k miles

Pollen Filters

Work not common below 100k miles

Wiper Blades

Work not common below 100k miles