Used BMW Z4 Sports (09 - 17)

Used BMW Z4 Sports 2009 - 2017 review

(2009 - 2017)
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What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW Z4 sports?

Audi made great strides in improving the lacklustre driving experience of the original car with its second generation Audi TT Roadster. It could be specified with a quick-shifting double-clutch automatic transmission which actually made it faster than the standard manual. The boot is a more useful size too.

The Porsche Boxster is the one to go for if you value the driving experience as it is the only practical open-top sports car to have a mid-engine layout. This also afford the Boxster two boots with which to stash your luggage in. Invariably, you will need to spend quite a bit more for a Boxster of similar age and mileage as the BMW.

The Mercedes SLK was the first to offer a folding metal roof back in 1997. While it’s available with a wide range of engines from a 1.8-litre supercharged four cylinder, all the way up to a 5.5-litre V8 with 355bhp, it’s pretty sloppy to drive, and can’t match the Z4’s tautness.

What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW Z4 sports?

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The BMW Z4 is a smooth, relaxed roadster which places style and usability over outright driving thrills

  • Folding metal roof
  • Large choice of engines
  • Sporty handling
  • Small boot with the roof down
  • M Sport suspension is uncomfortably firm
  • Not as exciting to drive as some rivals