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Top 5 Economical Vehicles

Posted: 09/08/2018

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" Looking for the most economical family vehicle you can lease? We’ve based this list on the What Car? True MPG figures, which show a reliable average fuel-efficiency figure for real-world driving conditions. Find out which leasing options make the grade when running costs are your top consideration."

VW Golf 1.0

A 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine gives this Golf everything you need to drive the family around town. Whether it’s the school run or the weekly shop, you’ll find the smallest engine in the Golf range is well suited to daily duties. Choose SE Nav trim and you’ll get an onboard Discover navigation system as well as LED running lights, a cooled glovebox, and leather-trimmed steering wheel. Volkswagen claims 58.9 miles per gallon (pre-WLTP figure): the What Car? True MPG test returned a figure of 49.7 mpg for this car.

VW golf

Toyota Prius 1.8 VVTi

The Toyota Prius offers a good all-around driving experience, taking town in its stride and performing decently when you hit the motorway. It also returned a pretty noteworthy figure in What Car? True MPG tests: you can expect an average of 50.5 miles to the gallon in real-world driving conditions. If you’re looking for a hybrid that can perfectly adapt to the start-stop patterns of busy urban driving, the Prius 1.8 VVTi could be the choice for you.

Toyota Prius

Seat Leon 1.0

What Car? rates not one but two Seat Leons in its 2018 list of the most economical family cars. The 1.0-litre petrol version is first to appear, scoring 53.1 miles to the gallon in the True MPG test (that’s a very reasonable difference of just 17.2% from Seat’s own mpg claim). Choosing SE trim will net you 16in alloys, aircon, and chrome dash detailing. Seat also offers a range of extra styling packs, which allow you to further customise yourLeon inside and out.

Seat Leon

Seat Leon 1.6 TDI 110 Ecomotive

The first diesel-engine vehicle on the list, the Seat Leon 1.6 TDI 110 Ecomotive raises the mpg stakes as well as the power. According to the What Car? True MPG tests, you’ll get an average of 56 miles to the gallon in the real world. You’ll also benefit from the punchier motorway performance. SE trim includes cruise control, a start-stop system with regenerative braking, and aircon.

Seat Leon Eco

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 CDTi 110 Ecoflex

This diesel-engine Astra tops the What Car? efficiency stakes with 56.3 miles to the gallon. That’s a pretty massive 32.2% drop from Vauxhall’s claimed figure, but it’s still an impressive return that’s hard to ignore. When you break the figures down, you get averages of 73mpg in the country and 46.4mpg in town. Rear seating space is very decent for a family hatchback, and you get alloys and aircon on even the basic trim models.

Vauxhall Astra

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