Audi A5 car lease deals

Super-sleek looks and a plush interior make the Audi A5 a great leasing choice for those looking to add some style to their executive commute. Performance is smooth, and as coupes go, it's also reasonably practical.

Which Audi A5 leasing option is right for you?

The two-door A5 coupe can be leased in four trim levels: Sport, S-Line, Black Edition and Vorsprung. Sport gives you decent levels of basic kit including satnav and LED interior lighting. S-Line adds aggressive body styling and sports suspension to the mix, while Black Edition takes S-Line DNA and adds its own dash of personality including dark graphite five-spoke alloys. Range-topping Vorsprung includes heated front sports seats in leather, adaptive suspension and Audi's Virtual Cockpit.

Lease an Audi A5. Drive the way you like.

When you lease an Audi A5, you get three suspension options. S Line and Black Edition give you sports suspension, which firms up the ride enough that you'll feel every change in the surface of the road. Sport offers Audi's Comfort Dynamic suspension as standard, and it's a forgiving setup that suits the A5's plushily relaxed design very well. Go for top-of-the-range Vorsprung trim and you'll get adaptive comfort suspension, which is the best of the lot-able to smooth out minor bumps and fairly major edges alike. Whichever setup you choose, we'll help you find the best leasing offers from nationwide dealers.

Audi A5 leasing deals. Exquisite class.

Leasing an Audi A5 is all about the style-and that style doesn't stop once you get inside the cockpit. In keeping with its brothers and sisters in the Audi stable, the A5 offers a class-leading interior full of opulent materials. The dash layout is minimalist and attractive, which makes the A5 something of a personal-preference choice: if you like brash and flashy interiors, you'll be looking at a Mercedes instead. Every Audi A5 get satnav as standard, and Vorsprung trim gives you the fully digital Virtual Cockpit. You can add the Virtual Cockpit to other trim levels as an optional extra. In terms of interior space, the A5 is surprisingly well equipped in the back. You'll be able to fit a couple of six-foot adults in there if needs be. Boot space is also top of the class amongst the A5's closest rivals.

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