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Eco-friendly from the ground up, the BMW i3 is built for zero-emissions driving in cities. Its unique, futuristic looks and high-class interior make the i3 a contender if you're looking to go electric over shorter distances.

Which BMW i3 leasing option is right for you?

Lease a BMW i3 and you get a choice of six exterior colours and four interior trims: Atelier, Loft, Lodge and Suite. Atelier trim features grey cloth upholstery, a leather steering wheel and a dashboard trim made from kenaf-a plant fibre. Step up to Loft trim for light-grey upholstery and detailing throughout. Lodge trim adds dashboard elements in eucalyptus and oak wood: neither are treated with any chemicals, ensuring the i3's environmental chops remain intact. Lodge features dark oak, and full leather seats. Across the board, the i3 comes with satnav, heated front seats and LED lights as standard.

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    BMW i3 leasing deals. Fast, and faster.

    Who says driving all-electric has to be slow? Leasing a BMW i3 gives you a choice of two power outputs: 125kW on the standard i3, and 135kW on the sporty i3s. The standard model does a 0–62 sprint in 7.3sec, and develops 168bhp in the process. If that's not fast enough for you, the i3s does the same dash in an eye-watering 6.9sec, with an extra 13bhp humming away under the floor. That's plenty fast enough to bother most petrol and diesel cars. In real-world use, of course, you'll want to go steady to conserve battery power: but it's nice to know the nippiness is there when you need it. BMW says 160 miles is a realistic range between charges-the official figures are higher, with the standard i3 claiming 185 miles and the i3s claiming 175 miles.

    Lease a BMW i3. Make a statement.

    When you lease a BMW i3, you're not just leasing an electric car: you're buying into a futuristic way of life. Sounds a bit far-fetched? Wait until you see the i3's interior. 95 % recyclable, 100 % BMW, there's a reason the i3 comes in at the upper end of the small-electric-car price range. Everything about the i3 has been designed to reinforce the all-electric, all-sustainable vision-and built with a quality that the What Car? website says is ‘better-finished than that of many regular BMWs'. From the compressed, recycled fibres that trim the doors to the exposed carbon-fibre strips and natural wood, the inside of an i3 is a uniquely pleasant place to be. Whichever BMW i3 you choose to lease, we find the best offers from nationwide dealers.

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