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Fiat’s history is writ large in the retro-inspired cars that make up half its range. Whether it’s the dinky 500 or the alluring 124 Spider, drivers who prioritise style will find something to love. The other half of Fiat’s range is solidly practical, catering to families and small business owners. Which one are you?

Which Fiat leasing option is right for you?

Win hearts with a Fiat 124 Spider, which recalls the heyday of Italian motoring in every slender line. Turn heads in the city with a Fiat 500, which offers a similar dash of Italian style in a tiny package. Or pack the family into the spacious and practical Fiat Tipo—a five-door hatch that offers a good amount of standard kit.

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    Lease a Fiat. With your heart or your head.

    If driving, to you, means winding country lanes and plenty of leisure time, then leasing a Fiat 124 Spider could be the way to go. Its delightful Italian design belies the vocal engine, but a supple and laid-back ride awaits if you treat it nice. While the 500X takes retro Fiat 500 style and applies it to a small SUV platform for a unique take with a classy interior. The Tipo is squarely practical, with impressive room inside and a decent boot. Whichever Fiat you go for, we discover the best nationwide dealer offers. Giving you everything you need to make the most cost-effective decision.

    Fiat leasing offers. For everyone.

    There’s a Fiat for most needs—whether you’re transporting kids to school, tools to work or the family on holiday. The Fiat Fullback sits on the crossover line between work and play, offering worthy pick-up performance while doubling as a family vehicle that comfortably fits kids in the back. What’s more, its massive load-lugging capabilities make it a contender for leisure activities like caravanning and boating. At the smaller end of the spectrum, the Fiat 500C offers retro cabriolet style in a very dinky car, and is extremely attractively priced to boot. The 500L fulfils MPV duties, and will fit a family of five plus 400 litres of luggage. We regularly check national prices on Fiat leasing deals.

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