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While Jaguar’s ownership has been through several incarnations, the design ethos behind the badge has always remained the same. Like the big cat from which it takes its name, Jaguar produces sleek luxury cars that purr at cruising speed. From saloons to sports cars and SUVs, Jaguars regularly score top marks for handling—and the right model choices will ensure you lease a Jaguar that’s as comfortable as it is poised.

Which Jaguar leasing option is right for you?

You can lease a Jaguar for any luxury lifestyle. If the company’s legendary sporting heritage is your main concern, the more powerful variants of the F-Type look and sound the part. For family duties, Jaguar’s expanding range of SUVs includes the impressive F-Pace and smaller E-Pace. In the luxury saloon corner, Jaguar continues to offer recognisable design and superb handling—with both the XE and XF models taking plenty of plaudits from the What Car? website.

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    Lease a Jaguar. Drive a car with real heritage.

    Jaguar is one of the few vehicle manufacturers that can genuinely claim icon status: the leaping cat and roaring cat badges are both instantly recognisable. Leasing a Jaguar puts that heritage on your driveway without the need to commit to the often significant list price. The F-Type convertible proudly carries the design cues of the legendary E-Type in its sleek silhouette, two-seater setup, and endless bonnet. While the XF Sportbrake is a convincing reminder that Jaguar’s aesthetics work in estate form too. We’ll help you explore the leasing options offered by dealers across the UK, giving you the best access to offers as well as a range of contract terms.

    Lease the right Jaguar for company or private use

    If you’re leasing a Jaguar as a company driver, it’s worth picking a rear-wheel-drive 2.0-litre F-Pace, which attracts the lowest tax for the model. Or, if you’re looking for a luxury saloon model, pick the 2.0-litre XF. The XF has a high price tag, but high resale values should keep leasing costs sensible—and our list of nationwide dealer offers will help you make an informed decision. For drivers looking to go electric, the I-Pace fits the bill—both as a luxury SUV and as a zero-emissions car with serious sci-fi looks.

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